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Wed 15 04 20


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Shakespeare on its feet : Performing Shakespeare for Beginners

This 6 week course is a course for anyone interested in how Shakespeare works in performance. By getting it up on its feet, the course will give you an insight in what is going on in Shakespeare’s texts and will give you confidence in speaking and acting them. The course will help you find the clues in the text: how to use the rhythm of the lines, how to energise a speech, how to talk directly to an audience; it will help you discover what Shakespeare meant by ‘character’; and above all it will give you the chance to discover how observing the form in Shakespeare can help you release the feeling in Shakespeare. Techniques discovered through this work are applicable in all acting practice.

We will be using two key plays, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Twelfth Night’ in the sessions, though we will be looking at examples from other texts as well. It would be useful to have your own copies of these two plays, all other materials will be provided. Bring your imagination and an open and inquisitive mind. Some of the work will be physical, but the course is also open to people with disabilities.

Martin Reeve has been a professional actor for nearly 40 years in TV, theatre and radio; having directed professionally and taught acting at drama schools, colleges and privately.

This 6 week course runs once weekly from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesdays between April 15th to May 20th


Exeter Community Centre, St. Davids Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG


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