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Acting and Improvisation for the Community

A weekend of acting and improvisation for everyone; no experience needed.

Join us for a weekend of acting and improv theatre training with 4 of our performing arts tutors. Over the period of the weekend our tutors will host a series of workshops that will introduce you to a wide range of skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Some of the acting and improvisation techniques that will be covered are: learning how to make a scene up on the spot; how to act in a scene; being truthful in the moment; how to let go of your fear and how to skilfully be spontaneous.


Your tutors for the weekend will be:

Sam Morgan

Already known to you as the tutor for our bi-weekly improv theatre workshop ‘Sam Morgans Improvisation Studio’; Sam will be leading the weekends activities.

Having trained at Italia Cont where he completed a BA in acting and at IO Improv in Chicago, Sam has a wealth of knowledge that he’s developed into a powerful tool that encourages self empowerment and confidence through the teaching of improvised theatre.

Sam will be running workshops all weekend

Josephine Larsen

Josephine trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (England), going on to become a fully qualified teacher, director, theatre coach, author and NLP Master Practitioner, specialising in Stage/Film Acting and Communication Skills.

During her 40 year professional career in Europe, she worked closely with some of the most pioneering artists in Theatre and creative Media . Amongst others, Ian McNaughton (producer of MontyPython); Vladek Shebal (Women In Love); Marianne Segebrecht (Bagdad Café); Bruno Ganz (Wings Of Desire; Downfall) and starred in the Cult Film Clementine Tango, which ran for 5 years in Paris, Los Angeles, Rome and Berlin.

Recently she helped coach actors in a new Hollywood movie, directed by Richard Stanley and starring Nicolas Cage, which will hit the cinemas in 2020.

Josephine will be attending on the Staurday

Mark Cassidy

Mark is a qualified teacher, Theatre Maker with Boo to a Goose Theatre and an Associate Artist with Interwoven Productions CIC.

Having trained as an actor at ALRA and in the Meisner Technique with the Impulse Company; he uses this simple yet powerful acting system to enable actors to live truthfully, moment by moment, under the given dramatic circumstances that create authentic performances.

Mark will be attending on the Sunday.

Geoff Monk

Geoff is a foundering member of Nottingham’s MissImp group which formed in 1998. Since leaving the theatre company in 2009 he has studied with Loose Moose in Calgary; Keith Johnstone; Chelsea Clarke from UCB and Nancy Howland Walker & Marshall Stern of Zenprov Chicago.

Geoff also ran “Nottingham Improv Comedy Experience” (NICE), until moving to Cornwall in June 2019.

Geoff will be running workshops all weekend



Sat 14 Mar 2020 - Sun 15 Mar 2020


10:00 am - 5:00 pm




Improvised Theatre


Exeter Community Centre
St. Davids Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG

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