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Did you know Alphington has a photo group?

Last week I met up with David Adams, retired Royal Clarence Hotel manager, Exeter Craft Fair organiser and founding member of the Alphington Photography Group to chat about the group and their latest exhibition at Exeter Phoenix.

Whilst drinking our teas, we get talking about how the group started and David tells me ‘it came out of the blue. I had a phone call from someone else living in Alphington asking if I wanted to start a photography group. I said yes, as I’m into my photography. It went from there really’.

It turns out this small Alphington based group has been going for about 10 years with a consistent membership throughout, including a couple of professional photographers and a former Kodak specialist. David tells me ‘the group meets up once a month at Alphington Primary School; ‘we meet up and a chosen member brings a selection of photos he’s taken, we critique them and vote on our favorite photo. The photo is then displayed in the local pub, The New Inn, for the month’.

David continues, ‘its a safe space in which we give each other advice and tips on how to improve, share techniques and talk about what we like about each others photos; you don’t even need to own a camera. Several of our members use their mobile phones and tablets. With the technology in your hand these days, it makes things so much easier, it’s so much more accessible to people’.

We get onto the exhibition itself and I ask David how it came about, he tells me ‘we did one about 3 years ago, which was also at the Phoenix. It went well and so we thought it was time we did another one. All the photos you see are those we voted on each month, our collective favorites’.

The photos in the exhibition range from wildlife and the countryside to city scapes and culture. There’s even the odd abstract piece, too.

If you want to catch the exhibition, it runs in the Phoenix’s walkway gallery until February 1st.

Interested in joining the Alphington Photography Group? You can contact them here.

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